about us

Exedemy is an ecosystem created by and to promote learning and development experiences for businessmen and businesswomen with the desire and enthusiasm to generate impact in their organizations, social and natural environment from humanism as the main pillar.

All of our initiatives and experiences are led and guided by professionals with expertise in management development and a deep sensitivity and connection to nature and organizations with meaning and purpose.

Exedemy is a member of institutions such as the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), The Bio-Leadership Project, and Dakdalkfja. These associations are aligned with our philosophy and way of understanding leadership and its relationship with sustainability.

In addition, Exedemy believes in synergies and connection as a model to create value and provide perspective. Therefore, we have created a network of partners and colleagues who have convictions and principles that are aligned with ours. Partners with whom we build, learn and nurture ourselves.

Exedemy works to offer excellent training through a careful selection of experts and professionals with a focus on quality and the impact it has on the system.

We are highly committed to business ethics by promoting social and environmental responsibility among managers, providing guidance and helping them face ethical dilemmas to make decisions aligned with their values and the best interests of society.

Companies that collaborate with us implement measures to reduce their carbon footprint, improve their operational efficiency, generate a positive impact on the environment and society, while accessing new sustainability-sensitive markets.