our approach

Entrepreneurs are demanding other learning, development, self-knowledge, coexistence and networking experiences. Conventional models in which I spend months in a classroom every Friday or Saturday or staring at a screen for hours at a time no longer adapt as effectively to the demands and needs of today’s professionals.

Sharing and getting together with other CEOs and company founders and living an intensive experience with them where learning about sustainability and leadership, about innovation and self-knowledge from different angles is a very valuable and scarce opportunity nowadays. Even more so, where nature plays a leading role.

As the crisis on the planet and climate change intensifies, the demand for sustainable and innovative solutions in business increases. Laws, regulations and agreements around sustainability have increased. Pressures that are increasingly global and applications that are more local.

In other words, opportunities for leaders who want to generate impact in society, in the ecosystem and in organizations. Opportunities for conscious and purposefull leaders.

That is why our experiential learning approach is clear that it has to be supported by:

the academy, educational institutions,
business schools

have the advantage of being able to anticipate reality thanks to their research, their studies and their contact with the essence of knowledge and learning and with a multitude of professionals It is therefore essential to know first hand what this type of organizations share and to learn at their side through dynamics that force us to think with a critical and curious eye


is the space where the human being finds himself, it is the environment where he connects with the essential, it is the place where he must slow down and find silence and calm It is for this reason that experimenting and reflecting in nature on what kind of leadership my company and my ecosystem needs is the best way to integrate all that I have learned in the other dimensions

institutions, associations
and third sector

offer us perspectives that are not normally seen in day-to-day business. They give us the possibility of making tangible projects that are already having a direct impact on society, on the environment and on issues such as heritage. They are environments that allow us to raise awareness through concrete actions and initiatives that have a great impact with very few resources

the companies

who have already faced the challenges and opportunities offered by the framework of sustainability and social responsibility, are a source of inspiration and learning. They are a mirror in which to look at themselves as well as an excellent help in answering questions that they have already had to answer in their businesses. Some will be recognized companies in their sector, others the opposite, however, they all have in common how much they can teach